LIVitup: Ayurvedic Liver & Anti-Hangover Medicine – Pack Of Four

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  • LIVitup Hangover Shield and Long-Term Liver Protector
  • Prevents hangovers in the short term and protects the liver in the long-term
  • Net Quantity: 5 N X 4 (Capsules
  • Dosage: 2 capsules before partying to prevent hangovers

Introduction: LIVitup is a hangover shield in the short-term and liver protector in the long-term. Consuming a LIVitup capsule provides the nutrients your body needs to break down the acetaldehyde that the alcohol produces in your liver. Additionally, it helps in protecting your liver by defending it against inflammation and can prevent ailments like liver cirrhosis and fatty liver in the long term. Hangovers are a result a long night of revelry the previous night. When we consume more alcohol than our livers can handle, a toxic substance called acetaldehyde builds up in the system. Acetaldehyde accumulates because the liver is unable to process it quickly. It then enters the bloodstream causing toxic effects on the brain, stomach, and liver, which, in turn, result in nausea, gastric pain, and a headache – the symptoms of a hangover. You wake up the next day in constant search for a relief from the pain. This is where LIVitup comes in! When LIVitup is consumed it ensures that the body is provided with the nutrients to expel acetaldehyde from the system. This ensures that the hangover is prevented in the short term but also protects the liver from damage in the long term.